Car Repairs Repairs

Repairing an engineWhatever vehicle you drive one thing is certain... One day it will need repairing. Either because it has broken down or, more likely because it has failed on an aspect of the MOT or because some component is not working properly.

Unlike many main dealers we will generally try to find the problem and repair or replace components only as needed rather than simply replace parts until the problem goes away.

We also have access to aftermarket OE components which are as good and usually substantially cheaper that of the genuine vehicle components. We will usually try to supply and fit the most economical part for the repair (although, if you wish, we can always supply the exact manufacturers component!) We would never, though supply and fit any part that may jeopardise any warranty that you may have.


ngine Replacements Engine Replacements

Sometimes, especially after cambelt failure damage to an engine will be beyond economical repair. We will in those situations suggest a reconditioned engine replacement, which we can supply and fit at a fraction of the cost of a new engine from your manufacturer.

All engines supplied and fitted come with a guarantee of 12 months and will generally last beyond the life of your car!

Gearbox Repairs Gearboxes

Audi gearbox awaiting fittingGearboxes in modern cars are usually as reliable as engines are but, occasionally, problems will present themselves. The most common faults are, poor gear selection, jumping out of gear, crunchy gear changing (although this can often be a clutch problem - see below), Noisy bearings and oil leaks.

Many of these problems can be repaired by our engineers rather than having the gearbox replaced which is what many motor repairers will do. Again, such actions as these will save you a great deal compared to having a gearbox replaced.

Like our reconditioned engines, most gearboxes fitted are reconditioned units that come with a full guarantee.


Clutch replacements Clutches

How long the clutch on your car will last depends very much on both your driving style and also where you drive! For example, short trips with a lot of stop start driving produces much heavier wear on all the components of your clutch when compared to motorway driving.

The main symptoms that your clutch may require attention are difficulties in changing gear, excessive engine revving (especially when accelerating in higher gears or driving up steep hills), juddering when pulling away, or a stiff or very loose clutch pedal.

If you feel that your clutch may not be working properly then do call or pay us a visit and we will identify your problem and give you a free and no obligation quotation. Parts fitted during clutch replacement always include all essential components such as thrust bearing, pressure plate and friction plate to ensure that your new clutch assembly will be long lasting. We suggest that you fit OE quality components to save having to replace your clutch again, although if you wish we can also supply and fit reconditioned parts.


Typical CambeltMost modern vehicles have a their valves controlled by way of a cambelt. This is a belt that is designed to last for a specific period. However, because this component is always working they do fatigue and can break without any warning and generally do not even show any sign of imminent failure! The damage done to a modern engine when a cambelt breaks is very often so severe that the vehicle's engine is very often beyond economic repair!

All vehicle manufacturers specify a maximum replacement time/period for their cars and this time or mileage limit should never be exceeded! This information is generally shown in your vehicle service or handbook but if you are unsure as to whether your car requires this essential part replacing then give us a call or pop in and we will advise you correctly!

Should your car require a cambelt replacement we will generally recommend that you replace other associated parts to ensure that your Cam Belt renewal is safe and complete.

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